Lesson 40 ª









After 2 months of pregnancy, it is time for labour. In the hours previous to labour, we will notice the female cat will behave quite restless in an isolated place around the house. The place we choose for her might not agree with the place it choose for labour. A female cat will always try to hide in any place in the house or garden in which it feels safe.

Labour can last from 2 to 12 hours normally. Nevertheless, we need to pay attention to its contractions. If we notice that the female cat is pushing for over half an hour and no kitten is coming out, there is a problem. We should contact the veterinary. There might be a need for cesarean surgery to save the mother and its kittens.

A female cat can rest between the process for a couple of hours to continue with the rest of the litter. In this case, it won't be pushing. The mother will take its offspring from the placenta, cut the umbilical chord with its teeth and will stimulate the kittens with its tongue to stimulate their breathing. It is normal for them to eat the placenta. It is actually a normal animal instinct. Generally, female cats are great mothers.