Lesson 5ª








Cat food

In lesson 2, we spoke about the characteristics the diet of a cat should have. At first, reaching this balance will be complicated. We mustn't confuse home made food with leftovers. The most balanced and comfortable option is giving our cat commercial cat food in which have a nutritional study carried out by professionals.

Thus, we have different kinds of cat food for every period of their lives:

growing, adult, senior.

As well as different types depending on medical CONDITIONS; liver or renal problems, for example. These are found only at pet stores or in veterinary clinics.

There are some types cat food which are race specific, due to special characteristics some races possess.

The amount of cat food we should use will be indicated on a label. Cats eats slower than dogs. Their stomachs are not prepared to eat that fast. As a result, it does not matter if they have food in their bowls all day long; they will distribute it.

If we leave cat food in their bowls all day long, you need to know it shouldn't be left under direct sunlight. It becomes too dry loosing its properties. When they eat moist canned food, their need of water will be lower than if they eat dry Cat food. However, we mustn't forget to always keep clean and fresh water available to them at all times.