Lesson 7ª








Cat development during their first month

A cat is born without having its senses fully developed. They are born blind, deaf, and virtually without any movement at all. They move around crawling and they are guided by the heat given by their mother and siblings. During the first 10 days, they need external heat to keep their own body heat. They are unable to keep themselves warm. In the case of wild and stray cats, their mother knows this. This is why it uses haystacks or any place warm to use as a nest. We need to provide an equivalent of this nest at home. During this period, they gain around 15gr per day.

During this period, their mother licks them quite often. This activity is not only focused on their hygiene, it is also focused on stimulating their urinating and defecating reflexes. Kittens under 3 weeks old lack this reflex. If we are feeding an orphan kitten, we need to know this and massage its stomach.

They open their eyes after the 10th day and then it will start to listen gradually. They will develop the use of their muscles gradually after the 3rd week. You will notice they now move around their mother.