Lesson 8ª








Cat development

5 weeks after being born, the kitten should be independent of its mother in terms of feeding itself, urinating and defecating.

Together with its natural curiosity towards its surroundings, it will develop its muscles and senses. This is the best moment for adoption.

After they are 3 months old, there will be changes in their bodies. These will cease after being 6 months old. At this time, they should weight a minimum of 2,5kg if our cat is healthy and well fed.

Here, we see a 3 moth old kitten with an adult cat of 2 years old.

After 3 months, the colour of its eyes will be well defined. It will last for the rest of its life.

After 6 months, our cat reaches adolescence.

We will notice it is growing in a lower rate after this moment. After 9 months, our cat will stop growing in size but it will gain volume. If a female cat goes in heat too soon, and it gets pregnant, it will stop its growth.