Lesson 1ª








The Dreamweaver software is one of the most commonly used programs in the world for WEB creation. It is used by both professionals and regular people when creating their first web pages. In fact, many consider it to be superior to other programs of its field, such as FrontPage form Microsoft . We are not going to say one is better than the other in this course. What we will do, is have a first approach at Dreamweaver.

We will show you in a quick and easy way how to make the most out of it with just a few clicks to access its secrets. The objective of this course is to show you the main characteristics of Dreamweaver functions. At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the program and be capable of creating your own web site.

Many believe that Dreamweaver is a program used exclusively by professionals and too complicated for regular users. Actually, Dreamweaver is a very simple and intuitive program, which can be used by any user; from a simple personal page to a highly developed web site for companies with several pages.

In the following lessons, we will present the functions of the program in a simple and didactic manner. You will be able to learn from these lessons both theoretically and through multimedia files shown at the end of each lesson. The objective of these multimedia sessions is to reinforce the theoretical content from each lesson by showing you how to use the program.