Lesson 15ª









If we look at our budget, some AREAS can't be read properly in the column they are in because there isn't enough space. Lets see which ones:

, if we look closely, they appear cut when we write information in the cell to their right.

We have two options to make the information visible: widening the width of the column until we can see the complete detail (as we have seen in previous lessons); and the other way, we can alter the height of the row for the information to appear in paragraph form.

How do we do this? Simple...

1. We place the cursor over the cell we need to increase in height. For example, we take the cell with "Paper and office supplies".

2. We we are on this cell, we click on the right button on our mouse. A menu will pop up.

3. We select the option Format cells

4. Another menu will pop up.

And we select Wrap text

5. We also select on the same menu screen the Vertical text alignment. For this example, we will choose Superior

6. Our cell will be adjusted to the size of the column. Its height will be enough to show the entire piece of information.

7. Repeat the previous steps to adjust the other cells where necessary.