Lesson 3ª









Excel presents a toolbar that contains different options for format, view, design, formulas and other functions that help us perform our task.

This is the Toolbar:

As you can see, there are 8 key sections (tabs) of application functions: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View, and Add-ins (not on screen shot).

And, if we click on any of those tabs, we can view on the screen the different options each one of them has. For example, if we click on the Home tab, we will see all its functions.


These are the functions associated with Paste, Cut and Paste, Cut, and Copy (Clipboard); Fonts formats; Alignment; Number formats; inserting, eliminating or giving format to cells; and other styles and quick applications that help us carry out our work.

Quick Access Toolbar

This bar is found on the upper left side of the screen, above the toolbar or below it. It allows us to access selected functions in a quick manner. On this example, it's located above the toolbar.

As you can see, the toolbar has been configured with four quick access buttons (without having to access functions or other tabs), which are: save, undo, repeat, and open.

If you want to add more buttons to the quick access toolbar, you may. To do this, place the cursor over the quick access toolbar. Click on the right button of your mouse. This will open a small menu.

We click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar and a box with options will pop up. In it, you can choose which buttons you want to access quickly.

For example, if we want to add the button for print preview, we select it

and then, we click on Add located to the right of the list of options

this function will appear in our configuration of the quick access toolbar