Lesson 34 ª









Excel also presents option that facilitate the option of deleting or eliminating cells, columns or rows.

If we want to delete a complete row from our worksheet, we can use two ways.

First way

1) We click on one of the cells corresponding to the row we want to delete. For example, if we want to erase row 10, we can click on cell A10.

2) Look for the Delete icon in your toolbar.

3) A drop-down menu will open with the different deleting options: cells, rows, columns, sheet.

4) In this example case, we select Delete sheet rows. This will have erased the content in row 10 in our sheet.

Second way

a) We select the entire row. How do we do this? We place the cursor over the number of the row and we click on the right button in our mouse.

As you can see, the entire row 10 has been selected; not just one cell in particular.

b) We look for and click on the Delete icon in our toolbar.


Row 10 has been erased from our worksheet.

To erase columns, we follow the same procedure in any of the two ways. However, you have to be aware that this time you will choose the option Delete sheet columns.