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Sometimes, we don't only need to work with operations but also with predetermined images and shapes in our Excel worksheet.

Excel has an easy way to insert pre-designed or specific images and shapes you keep in your library.

The function to include images and shapes is found under the insert tab in your toolbar.

Its corresponding icon...

For example, if we want to insert a line with an arrow head:

a) We click on the Shapes icon. From its drop-down menu, we select the len with an arrow head option.

b) In our worksheet, we draw our shape (line with arrow head).

c) If you look at the toolbar, a new tab called Image tools has appeared. It is useful if we want to change the format or style of the shape we have created.

d) For example, the following image presents the options to change the shape style of the one we have created (line with arrow head).

In the same way, we can create an arrow pointing to the right, in the shape of a block.

1) To do this, we click on the Shapes option in the toolbar to display the options.


2) We select the block arrow pointing to the right (the one we wish to draw).

3) We draw the shape in the size we want in our worksheet.


4) We can access the Image tools again (it automatically opens when we create an image) to change its format and style.