Lesson 4ª









A worksheet is a grid made up of rows and columns. To name a specific cell, we have to combine both parameters.

The first element is the COLUMN and the second, the ROW. Columns are organized alphabetically and rows are organized numerically.



For example, A4 will be a cell located in column A and in line 4

As you can see, column A and line 4 have a different colour which shows the location of our cell.

To be able to work on a specific cell, we must place the cursor on top of it, click on it, and then we can begin to write in it.

On the main screen, we can also identify a bar name box that shows the name of the cell and the formula bar which are located over our work grid.

As you can see, it has two sections: it shows the cell name A4; and the function or formula being used on it. On this particular case, no formula is being used so it is empty.