Lesson 7ª









An Excel worksheet has an ample grid composed by many rows and columns. This means there is a lot of space where we can work!!!

We have learned how to move around the grid. We can use the cursor keys on the keyboard (up, down, left, and right). We can also move faster by using the scroll bars when placed on a cell.

We can move down by pressing the scroll arrow pointing in that direction or we can move to the right using the arrow pointing to the right.

There are also two more arrows on the edge of the worksheet that help us move around.

rgh We move up when we press this arrow.

rfg We move to the left when we press this arrow.

Depending on the configuration given to Excel, when we press enter on a specific cell, we can move to another cell. Normally, it is configured to move down one cell when we press ENTER.

For example, if we are on cell A4 and we write something in it and we press ENTER, the cursor will move down to cell A5 where we can keep writing.

Excel presents three different Worksheets under a same book or document. They can be increased according to your needs.

If you want to add one more worksheet, place the cursor over the last button that appears in the SHEET menu. Click on it and a new one will be created.


We now have four worksheets and we still have the option to create a new one.