We have created this German course for all those interested in learning this language in an easy and gradual way and for those that don't have much time to study.

This course will allow the student to learn German in an easy and pleasant way. All you have to do is dedicate a few minutes to the course every day. Just enough to ensure you progress slowly and eventually reach a solid knowledge of the language.

The course has 47 lessons which will later be increased to 100. Each lesson follows on from the previous one and is well structured. We cover German grammar and offer numerous exercises to accompany the grammar covered in each lesson. By carrying out the exercises, you can consolidate your knowledge and advance to the next lesson.

  • This course is designed to ensure that the student gradually learns a rich and varied vocabulary which will allow him/her have a sufficient base to be able to maintain daily conversations with the necessary fluency.
  • So, come on and "Wir lernen Deutsch"...