Lesson 19ª







The two trees to the right, which used to look lost, now seem a part of the entire idea after adding some strokes with Burnt Sienna and green. This highlights them from the background.

I have painted their trunk using brown. With Burnt Sienna and transparent ground pink, I have painted their shadow on the prairie. I have added some shade touches to the tree top of the tree on the background.

Now, you need to let it dry. When you want to add more details, this will prevent the new colours from blending with the ones you used previously. While it dries, you need to pay close attention to your work looking for anything you might have missed or anything you want to improve. Study your work.

With small shades and highlights, our painting will gain shape and volume. This adds contrast and eliminates that "flat" look.

Up to now, we have darkened the base of the tall grass to create shades. Here, we mix green and white to add highlights; using light green, the tall grass, making your strokes towards the centre. This painting is nearly finished, we just need to add some highlights and shades to add more contrast and bring details out.

The shadows on the tree look too stressed and unrealistic. We need to fix this. Using transparent ground pink, we blend the shadow of the tree and touch up the prairie.