Lesson 2ª








Deification in History

Comte, who believes the time of 'positive state' (which diminishes the importance of supernatural powers) has come, thinks we need to  substitute religion for science quickly.

Naturally, we define 'science' as 'sociology'. First, we need to change the term "Supreme Being": a place previously occupied by GOD, will now be HUMANITY.

Thus, ‘humanity’ is the Great Being for Comte. This encompasses:

  • Past and future beings (subjective population)
  • Present Beings (objective population)

We define PROGRESS as ‘order development’, and it must be upheld, as we mentioned previously, by a SOCIO-CRACY; absolutists regime, dominated and ruled by a corporation of positivist philosophers.

First of all, such government would need to change/remove any symbol representative of previous states of humanity. Basically, it must establish  three points:

POSITIVIST CALENDAR: Dedicated to the main RELIGION representatives,

ART, POLITICS and SCIENCE: It refers to the mind and its relationship to the HEART,


  • GREAT BEING (Humanity)
  • GREAT MIDDLE (Space).