Lesson 16ª








Ear cleaning

To clean their ears, there are some easy-to-use cleaners in the market. However, we should only use them whenever we see or smell it is necessary. Any remainder of the liquid inside the ear favours fungi and bacterial growth inside the ear. We should use it following a prescription.

To clean the ear:

1. We lift the ear to allow the cleaning product to go to the bottom.   

2. We insert the applicator and we squeeze the bottle to release a small quantity.               


3. We apply a soft massage in the area in which we feel no bones to wash it thoroughly. Remember, we need to hold its ear to do this.


4. We release its ear and our dog will begin to shake its head rapidly to expel all the liquid along with the dirt to come out.

5. We clean the wrinkles found at the outer ear. Generally, some dirt accumulates here as it comes out.


This step is very important to remove the dirt from the entrance of the ear and to avoid any future infection in the area.

If there is any smell after we have cleaned it ear, there might be some kind of infection which needs to be treated. The best thing to do is to go to the veterinary clinic to administer its treatment directly or to perform a deep cleaning with specialized equipment and gathering a sample to analyse which agent is growing inside the ear.