Lesson 18ª









It is important for our puppy to have its own toys to play with. Otherwise, those toys will ultimately be our stuff (slippers, socks,...)


We need to teach our puppy to recognize its own toys. This way, it will respect the rest of the objects at home.

It's not a good idea to give it an old slipper. This might only encourage our puppy to take every slipper or shoe in the house as a toy.

We need to know that their teeth are still growing. This provokes some discomfort which can only be alleviated through biting. Thus, the toys we get for our puppy need to be able to withstand this assault.

Toys should be made in a single piece. Many puppies accidentally swallow a part of their toys simply because it came apart. In this case, they need surgery in order to remove whatever they ingested. Among the things they swallow, we can mention the eyes of a doll, laces and ribbons,... The teddy bear in the picture above is an example of what NOT to give a dog as a toy. It isn't an appropriate toy. Their toys need to be tough and not easily broken. Otherwise, an unwanted piece might end up in their stomach.


This is an example of what happens if we choose toys meant for a puppy poorly, disregarding the fact that they can swallow it.


Another example of things that dogs use as toys is this tree branch (or perhaps firewood). What you see in the picture is the marks of bites the puppy made. Splinters can harm the mouth of our puppy or even worse, they can be swallowed scratching the inner walls of the gastric tube (oesophagus, stomach, and intestine).