Lesson 22 ª









First, we need to know their normal temperature:

                             BETWEEN 38º-39ºC. IS NORMAL


A puppy can go down to 37,5º C.

For this reason, it sometimes seems to us it has a fever (when we are in doubt, we touch it), since we use ourselves as reference (our body is 2 degrees lower). Traditionally, it is said that we can touch their nose to know if they have a fever. This is a local temperature which can be related to other factors as well. The only way of being sure is by taking their temperature in a rectal manner:

         1. We should always have a dog thermometer handy. It is better if it is a digital one since the traditional crystal thermometer can be easily broken if our dog moves making internal small cuts which are quite painful.


 Any digital thermometer will work just fine. It doesn't need to come from the veterinary.

       2.We use a little soap to lubricate it, specially in smaller dogs.
       3.We need to raise its tail to help insert the thermometer in its anus.
       4.Once the thermometer is in, it is angled towards the intestinal wall. Otherwise, it will be in the light of the intestine, which would mark a lower temperature.


When Puppies are sick, their temperature can be below normal. In such cases, they need to be taken to the veterinary immediately.

It is advisable for us to learn how to take their temperature when they are healthy. This way, we will do a better job and trust ourselves to perform this task the next time we see our puppy down or showing symptoms of any kind.