Lesson 26 ª








The certificate of health

A certificate of health is a booklet which carries the health record of our dog (this is the same with cats and exotic animals).

They used to be public, but now, they are managed by veterinary colleges. They specify their community of origin. The example in the image below is valid in the entire country of Spain if it has been properly filled by a veterinary doctor. Passports work for other countries.


This is the official certificate of health for Andalucia.

A certificate of health should include information about the owner and his/her signature, as well as any information on the veterinary doctor and his/her signature. When we place the microchip, we paste a sticker with its identification number.


This next page is used to write the information on the dog, even its picture.



Every time our dog gets a vaccine, the veterinary must seal this vaccine, along with the date, his/her signature, his college id number, and the seal of the clinic. There is a spot for advisable vaccines and another part for rabies vaccines. These need to have the expiration period and the batch of the vaccines.

There is another part to write the anti-parasite product used (internal as well as external) as well as the date it was applied.

We can also write down dates of interest, such as the period in which the dog is in heat,...

There are some certificates of health which show the shield of the country instead of that of its community. These work just as well.


A certificate of health from Spain