Lesson 29 ª








What is the use of the microchip

1.IN CASE OF ROBBERY: it is the only document which shows a dog is yours. The health certificate has no legal value. If your dog is stolen and is later taken to a clinic, anywhere, the veterinary is obliged to report it the moment he/she detects that a dog has a microchip which doesn't correspond to its owner and call the rightfully one.

2.IN CASE IT IS LOST: anyone who finds a stray dog can take it to a vet's clinic to be scanned. The information on its owner is searched. The owner is called at that moment. In case the owner is not available, the veterinary is called. Some animal shelters also count with scanners for animals.

We need to let the veterinary know this so there is no confusion between abandonment and a simple case of a lost dog.

3.IN CASE OF ABANDONMENT: this is the only way of being able to bring charges upon whomever does this. Through the microchip, we find out who its owner is. This is a way of stopping owners from abandoning their dogs as they grow older or annoying.


In this picture we can see the series of numbers which correspond to the dog as we scan it. We will introduce these numbers into the computer to bring up the information about this dog, its owner and it veterinary.