Course of Strategy II










CLASS 1.Introduction

CLASS 2. What is competitive advantage?

CLASS 3. How do we create a competitive advantage?

CLASS 4. Cases of enterprises

CLASS 5. Competitive Advantage Maintenance

CLASS 6. Isolation. Hiding a superior result

CLASS 7. Discouragement and anticipation

CLASS 8. Cases of telephone enterprises

CLASS 9. Isolation

CLASS 10. Acquisition of resources and capabilities

CLASS 11. Competitive advantage in different types of markets

CLASS 12. Scale economies

CLASS 13. Cost Advantage

CLASS 14. Factors in Cost Advantage

CLASS 15. Factors in Cost Advantage

CLASS 16. Differentiation Advantage

CLASS 17. Cases of television enterprises

CLASS 18. Differentiation and segmentation

CLASS 19. Differentiation Advantage Maintenance

CLASS 20. Differentiation from demand

CLASS 21. Differentiation from offer

CLASS 22. Self-evaluation Questionnaire

CLASS 23. Correct Answers

CLASS 24. Bibliography