Lesson 2º










We want to tell you some basic concepts.

The ideal balloons to use are balloons No's 260 and 270.

In this course we are going to use balloons 270.

However, if there are other numbers or other types of balloons that you want to use, then go ahead. However, make sure you always use the same style.

You also need to know that the colour of the balloon influences its manageability.

Black, red and orange balloons have a harder texture. Whereas white, blue, sky blue, pink and yellow have softer textures.

What is a balloon pump?

Bear in mind that inflating long balloons using just air from your lungs is quite difficult (experts recomend that you can inflate a balloon from 16 years on because your lung capacity is greater from this age).

This is why a balloon pump exists. It is very easy to use. Place the balloon around the mouth of the pump, hold onto it so that it doesn't move or fly off.

Using the hand that you have free, pull the lever which is at the base of the inflator. Continue the process so that the balloon starts filling up with air.

Important: before inflating the balloon you have to stretch it, so that the latex is ready and there is less possibility of it bursting when you inflate it.