Lesson 20º










Let's continue with the course.

We are now going to make a palm tree.



Materials needed:

4 Green balloons 270

1 Sky blue balloon 270

Pump to inflate balloons



Inflate the green balloons with the pump so that they are 3/4 of their capacity.



Tie a knot in the balloon.



You can see that we have almost inflated the whole balloon.



Tie a knot and then fold the balloon in half.



Doing this we can join the balloon together.



When you have folded the balloon exactly in half, twist the balloon and then join the two ends.




These will be the leaves of the palm tree.



Carry out the same procedure with the four balloons.



Here you can see the leaves of the palm tree.



Take the sky blue balloon and inflate it using the pump. Only inflate it so that it is 3/4 full.

Try to leave space, as we need space to join the leaves of the palm tree.