Lesson 29º










Now take the blue balloon and make two balls. The first one close to the knot and the second bigger than the first.

You can use the blue balloon as a guide to make the balls of the same size.

Carry out the same process with the other balloons.



We should bear in mind that the knots of the three balloons should all be at the same height.




Here you can see how we are coming along with the three balloons.



Now that you have made the same sized balls. Take the red and blue balloon and add the small blue balls to the end of the big red ball.




Now take the yellow balloon and join the small ball with the upper part of the large ball from the sky blue balloon.



Here you can see how we join the balloons.




All that is left is to join the ends together: yellow with red. It is possible that you need help to create this figure as it is difficult to work with three balloons at the same time.



To create the upper part of the hat, join the three balloons together.



We will join them as shown



Here you can see your harlequin hat.

If you prefer you can make the joint of the three balloons a little lower so that the hanging part of the balloon is longer and it doesn't lift as much.

Here you can see the finished hat.

We hope you like it and that you make it.



We hope that you make this figure at home.

We created this course especially for you.

We hope you enjoy the second part of this course.