Lesson 22ª








Roses (IV)

Shaping pruning can be carried out on the rose bushes the first few years.

We can also trim them and clean them up.

This means we eliminate all of the broken or ill branches and leaves.

This will help the rose bush to create healthy and new buds.

It will also increase flowering.

You should bear in mind, that the more you prune your rose bush, the more it will flower.

We should try and prune every 3 months. This will help the plant to flower throughout the whole year.


You should use fertilizers with a complete formula. Nowadays there are a lot of different fertilizers made exclusively for use on roses. We recommend you use these fertilizers three times a year.

It is a good idea to try and spray the rose bush with fertilizer every 15 days to ensure flowering throughout the year.

Plagues and Illnesses

Soil plagues - normally beetle larvae, worm larvae, etc.

To control these plagues that are in the soil, we can apply an insecticide. Insecticides are available at any garden centre.