Lesson 13º









The leader is a person that worries about his professional training, about being up to date, about knowing his business in depth, about knowing the latest managing techniques.

The leader is a person with intellectual worry.

The leader should be open to his team members learning new things e.g. going on courses, etc.

Pride, common in many directors because they believe they possess the truth, however this only leads to uncompromising postures, to inflexible attitudes and in short, a mistake.

It is a big mistake to think that the leader shouldn’t ask his subordinates for advise fearing that this could make him lose authority. On the contrary, the humility of the leader makes him grow in the eyes of the team and helps him win their support.

Not taking advantage of other worker’s knowledge is an authentic waste.

When the leader faces a problem he starts by finding out all the details, knowing the matter in depth.

The leader will never take anything as it stands; he will analyze everything, even the smallest details.

Besides, the leader is a person that worries a lot about his employees training.

The leader will favour a culture that encourages training, allowing all the help that is possible: organizing courses, giving hep, valuing (rewarding) training as a professional advance in the employee’s career.

In a world that is always changing, like the one we live in today, the competitive advantage of a company resides principally in the value of its human teams.