Lesson 1ª









Before making the decision of adopting a dog, we need to consider a few things:

1. The first and most important thing is that we need to be aware that IT IS NOT A TOY. As a matter of fact, we are increasing our family in a "special" way. Actually, our new puppy will feel as part of the family. We need to remember that dogs are sociable animals, which in in the wild lived in a pack, making them capable of following and respecting a hierarchy. As soon as we pick our new puppy, we will become part of its pack, its new family.

2. Dogs live an average of 10 years. This will vary depending on the race of our puppy. During this time, we will have vacations and trips. In other words, our habits need to agree with the type of dog we choose (there are some "pet hotels" which take care of our dogs beautifully). We need to think about everything before taking that step.

3. We need to think about the race of the dog we want to pick. We need to be aware of their character and their specific needs according to their race. Generally, man has selected their dogs depending on the potential of its race throughout the years. Nowadays, we choose our dog depending on its looks, but we shouldn't forget that fact. For example, a siberian husky is a Nordic dog chosen for its resistance and ability to pull a sleigh. If we choose this dog because it is beautiful and it will spend months inside our house (in other words, not going out), it won't be balanced psychologically nor metabolically.




These 2 Puppies will weight around 30 kg each, their family has a place for them and the puppies love it! However, we need to know the right dog for us.