Lesson 2ª








Where to find a puppy

We also need to consider where to get our dog:

1. Adopting one from the dog pound or an animal association. There are many animals waiting to for a new home and one of them can be exactly what your family needs. These are homeless animals which depend on someone adopting them. They are alive thanks to countless volunteers who love animals.
2. In a pet shop, in which we can probably get some information about their age and habits up to that moment (how much it eats and how it behaves).



This is a 2 month old puppy in a pet shop.

 3. We can pick it up directly from the house or kennel where it was born. In most cases, it lives with its mother and siblings. It is important to know (ask) if it still breastfeeding or if it is eating solid food. These aspect will depend on their age.


4. If we drive near a vet clinic, we can sometimes find ads about dogs which are sold or even given away.