Lesson 11ª








Its first bath

There is a lot said about this topic. There is no key day for them to have their first bath. However, there are a few rules we need to follow:

  1. in a closed room
  2. with a heater in case it is winter.
  3. with warm to hot water
  4. Puppy shampoo or a neutral pH shampoo, a puppy is too young for anti-parasite products.
  5. be careful it doesn't ingest the water with soap, your puppy will try!
  6. watch out for possible allergies to the shampoo.
  7. your puppy needs to be thoroughly dry before coming out of the room.
  8. it shouldn't be exposed to wind currents for a few hours.

If we follow these rules, we can bathe our puppy the day after we brought it home. We need to bear in mind that it still doesn't have the proper defences against illnesses. At this point, these can be fatal. A simple cold can prove to be really serious.