Lesson 10ª








Naming the puppy

Something very simple can become complicated for some families. We don't usually give much importance to this matter and it is fundamental for our dog's later obedience. If our dog has a name from day one (not different pet names by each member of the family), OUR dog will AUTOMATICALLY KNOW THERE WILL BE AN ORDER FOLLOWING THAT NAME. We should always use the same name and we need to start every phrase with its name to get its attention.

Its better if we use a short name to make training faster:
For example:


BOBI                            DANKO                    INKA
DINA                            EPI                             JANO
CAPI                             FIDO                         JACK
CASPER                       GINA                        KEKO
DAKI                             GOKU                      LOLA
DAME                           GUFI                        MANDI                    

ADA                              MARKO                   RON
ALBA                            NALA                        SAM
ALX                               NANI                        TON
ADO                               NUUK                       TINA
 ALI                                OTTO                       TARA                                   
ANDI                             ODI                            URCO
BALU                             PACO                       ZAR
BILLY                            REX                          ZULU

It is much easier for a dog which is running towards a forbidden area to understand:


Than using this instead:


MAYBE, AT THE END OF THIS PHRASE, it will be so far away to even get the message. This phrase lacks authority.

Usually, if we choose a long name, each member in the family will end up using different nicknames and the dog will only listen to one "master" than to everyone. It might also obey any word used with a pleasant tone.