Lesson 13ª








Keeping the puppy clean, brushing

Once our dog is clean, it is advisable to follow a few habits to keep it clean instead of bathing it too often.

The most important one is a daily brush. This is a habit which is important from when they are just puppies. If our dog considers this activity as a part of its owner's "petting" and you add some caresses, it will be happy as soon as it sees the brush coming. On the other hand, if one day we notice its fur is messy and we decide to get rid of all those knots accumulated from the previous months, our dog will relate the brushing to pain and a bad memory. Once again, we need to be constant, specially if our dog has long hair.


Different types of brushes depending on the fur of our puppy.

It is helpful if we "sweet talk" to it as we brush to let them know that they are being "good". It is also nice to do this after a long walk since they are relaxed after exercising. This makes them behave better and we can clean off any dirt they might have picked up on the street.


This puppy stays still every time it's brushed because this has been a common activity since it was adopted.