Lesson 14ª








Teeth hygiene

Our puppy has teeth it will change as it grows older. However, there are some habits which need to be taught from the moment they first arrive home for them to be easier in the future.

A mouth infection is damaging to its health not only at a local level. In the long run, it provokes problems in the valves of their hearts and joints. Besides, the bad smell they release becomes a problem in itself. It is better if we don't reach this point.


This is a common picture in adult dogs. Living with the bad smell is bad enough as well as any damaging infection.

To avoid getting to this point, we need to consider a few things since the time they are just puppies:

1.It needs to eat dry food (dog food); homemade food is the main cause for plaque.

2.Another important cause is the genetic predisposition of some races (Poodles, Pekinese)

3.Brushing their teeth every few days, using a tooth paste specifically made for them, without any mouthwash.

4.It also helps if they occasionally eat hard bread. This cleans their teeth as they gnaw on it.

5. WE MUSTN'T GIVE IT any type of bone for that purpose. The consequent gastric complications can be severe.

6. When there is plaque (as in the picture above), it can only be removed in a vet clinic. The dog needs anaesthesia. THUS, PRVENTION IS THE BEST COUNTER MEASURE.


These are examples of a tooth brush and tooth paste designed for dogs. We can purchase them at specialized stores, some veterinary clinics, and even at some supermarkets. We need to brush their teeth to avoid future complications like plaque and bad breath. There are some tooth pastes which can be swallowed without a problem.