Lesson 31 ª








Educating your puppy

Traditionally, dogs have been trained through punishment. This is a method which needs to be applied properly in order for it to be effective, and this doesn't always go as planned. If we need to punish our puppy, we need to be sure it relates this punishment with the act it committed.

Another possible mistake when they are young is to scold it in a manner in which they believe is a "game". In such case, it will probably repeat the act to continue the game.

The so-called "positive reinforcement" is just as effective; educating our dog through rewards. Those rewards might be:

- a small piece of sausage, small balls of pet food, or any other treats which are harmless to its stomach.

-some caressing together with words or encouragement, "well done, Tommy","good dog",..

Any reward should follow its obedience. At first, it will obey expecting a reward. As time goes by, these activities will become a part of our pet just because it feels natural. We should begin with both types of rewards and then just with the verbal and physical rewards. Every dog can be trained. We just need to know how to do this and we need to know the typical behaviour of our dog. If a puppy of 6 months old (or older) arrives home, it will be harder and slower, but we need to do this.