Lesson 32 ª








Teaching it not to defecate or urinate everywhere.

A 9 week old puppy chooses where it will defecate or urinate. On their own, they will do this outside their bed; some even outside their home.

Those dogs which are the same age and which have lived in a cage (sleep, eat and defecate in that same place) don't possess these instincts. This usually happens with dogs which have been in pet shops for a long time.


This is a puppy which we need to train. Its instincts have been manipulated due to the fact it hasn't been able to go out to defecate. However, with positive reinforcement, it can be achieved.

Here lies an inconvenience; this is a period in which we can take our puppy out due to the fact it hasn't been vaccinated yet. The best way to go about it is teaching it to "go" somewhere we can later displace. For example, we can teach it to "go" on newspaper and later we can place the newspaper at the definite place, such as the garden or a backyard. We should place the newspaper in an indoor garden or a terrace. If none of these are available, we should try to find a place far from the place where our puppy eats or spends most of its day.

It is best if we use a positive reinforcement to train our puppy. To do this, we need to observe its habits, for example, if it "goes" after waking up. In this moment, we should pick it up and take it to the spot or place we have chosen for such "activity". If we wait for our puppy to "go", it will be the perfect time for use to reward it by caressing or petting it.

After we have repeated this activity several times, it will relate the act of "going" on the newspaper as a reward and the attention of its owner. As a result, it will "go" there as a custom.

We need to be patient the first times, but it is better than finding unpleasant "findings" all around the house.

If we find it "going" at a place where it shouldn't, we must say: " NO", IN A DRY AND FIRM MANNER, and take it to its proper place. If our puppy "goes" in the right place, it should be rewarded.