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What to do when the puppy vomits

When a dog vomits (And it doesn't show any sign of blood in it; there is no fever; we are as certain as we can be that it hasn't ingested any toy or anything similar, and it presents a normal behaviour), it probably doesn't need any treatment. However, if we continue feeding it with its dog food as if nothing happened, we might complicate its gastritis. As a result, it WILL need treatment. The best thing to do is for a vet to check our puppy, but if this is not possible, we need to follow this protocol to lessen the risk.

This is what we need to do:

1. Remove its food and water. After our puppy has vomited, if we give our puppy water, it will drink it over-eagerly. This will only provoke more vomit loosing more fluids than the amount it ingested in the first place. It will also loose essential electrolytes which are vital for the balance of its organism.

2.If there hasn't been any vomit in the next 6 hours, we can give it a little water each consequent hour, during this first day.

3.On the following day, we can begin giving it small quantities of food. WE should feed it a specific diet we can purchase at any specialized shop or at the vet's clinic. If we can't give it those special diets, we can give it cooked rice without any side ingredients in it. We should feed it in small quantities throughout the day. A little quantity of food several times a day.

4.During a few days, we will decrease the times a day but increase the amount of food until it eats the usual amount it ate before getting sick. WE are still feeding it with either the diet food or the cooked rice.

5.We will gradually mix its regular dog food until we normalize the problem.


This is a picture of different types of diets available in the market. At first, it is better if we use canned food because it seems they like it better and is a better source of liquids.