Lesson 36 ª









Another usual visit to the vet clinic is diarrhea. Whenever it comes with vomit, we need to see the veterinary since this can dehydrate them quite fast.

1.If the diarrhea has the colour of chocolate and a really bad smell, it might be parvovirus; you need to be really careful. The chocolate colour indicates blood, which means it is a serious problem.

2.If its colour is normal, we need to notice if it is doing it more often than usual or if the quantity has increased or the consistency. The further from normal it is, the more serious the problem might be.

3. We need to notice if it is yellowish or if there is some food noticeable in it. This may indicate a metabolic problem, for example, pancreas related.

4.We need to take their temperature. If there is a fever, our puppy needs treatment to eliminate the infection as soon as possible.

5.A very common cause of diarrhea is the presence of parasites in their intestines. It is advisable to perform a topological test (faeces), to find out which type it is to be able to treat it.

6.Another common cause in puppies is a change in their dog food, both in brand as well as in the type. Their intestine bacteria are not prepared for abrupt changes. In these cases, if we find it soon enough, a few days in a diet will be enough, making the change back gradually.