Lesson 37 ª








What to do when they have diarrhea.

If we can't take the puppy to the vet, and we notice that the attitude of the dog is normal and still eating, we need to follow a few rules:

1. Weight it daily to compare the loss in weight. This is important in pancreatic illnesses which usually begin with diarrhea and a noticeable weight loss.

2.Remove its regular dog food, and begin a specific commercial diet for digestive problems. You can also use a soft diet: cooked rice, noodles or spaghetti without any sauce.

3.In this case, we feed it the same times a day we were feeding it before and using the same quantity.

4. After a few days, if the pieces begin to normalize, we can add some boneless and skinless boiled chicken to its diet. This gives our puppy more proteins since it is in its "growing" stage.


This is a scale designed for small animals. They are usually found in the majority of clinics. If our dog is still a puppy, we don't need to take it to the vet to weight it; we can do this right at home. If it is not steady, you can hold it in your arms and then subtract your weight from the total.

If the problem is not solved with the diet, then we need to take it to the vet clinic to find the problem.