Lesson 4ª








What to do if it still doesn't eat solid food.

When we get a puppy younger than 30 days old, it is still breastfeeding. We need to continue feeding it using a feeding bottle every 3 hours, also at night. This time interval will become longer as necessary. In other words, we will notice the puppy is restless when hungry and quiet when not. The quantity of milk will depend on the brand we use to feed our puppy. This should be explained in the label. Any brand is usually good.


We need to use the quantity stated at the label of the bottle.

We shouldn't use regular cow milk since the bacteria in their intestines aren't ready for this type of milk. We could actually provoke serious stomach or intestine complications due to their young age.


Any brand is usually good but it needs to be for dogs. In case you have a large puppy, you might have to use a human feeding bottle (for babies).

When we use a feeding bottle, we need to remember it is not a human baby. We need to be careful about the position in which we do this so we don't provoke choke pneumonia (respiratory problem caused by milk coming into their lungs). Their stomach needs to be down to simulate the position they normally use while breastfeeding (see image below). The feeding bottle needs to be warm.


This is the normal posture puppies use while breastfeeding. WE need to respect this position as we feed them with a feeding bottle.