Lesson 5ª








From liquid to solid food

When the puppy is between 30-35 days old and depending on its race, we will mix the milk with fodder gradually, reaching a softer texture. The puppy needs to try to eat on its own.

At first, we need to use allow bowl. They will play with it until they get used to it. We need to change their eating schedule as the days go by until we reach 40 days old, feeding it 4 times a day.

After that age, the quantity of milk should be minimum. We will substitute it with water to soften their fodder. The quantity of fodder comes indicated in the label by the manufacturer, depending on their size, age and race. Remember, we should feed our puppy 4 times a day at this age.

Before they are 2 months old, milk should have been removed from their diet altogether. Puppy fodders are very complete supplements which don't need any complements. These complements might lead to impairments in their nutrition and to excesses which affect their health in the long run.