Lesson 6ª








How to feed it on the first day at home

Once again, I insist on asking what the puppy is eating to avoid any abrupt changes. We need to keep feeding our puppy with the same brand of fodder it has been fed up to now. If we don't like this brand, it is advisable to change it after a few days. Our puppy is under a lot of stress; everything it knew has changes suddenly, everything is new. If we change its fodder, we need to mix it with the previous brand to gradually replace it in 3 days.

The first time, we need to use more fodder from the previous brand and a smaller amount of the new fodder As the older fodder decreases, we increase the amount of the new fodder, this will prevent any chance of Diarrhea.

In case we don't know the type of brand they were having, we can feed them with a soft diet (cooked rice or pasta without any sauce) and mix it with the fodder you will use to feed your puppy regularly. Remember to do this gradually following the same procedure as in the previous case for 3 days.

Between 2 and 3 months old, they should be fed 3 times per day. These should be given at the same time every day. We need to follow a tight schedule and routine with puppies!

The best way to test whether or not we are doing the right thing is by weighting our puppy, jotting down their progress/weight gain.