Lesson 8ª








Onions and chocolate, toxic for dogs.

1. ONIONS: we mustn't give onions to dogs, nor food cooked with onions. Dog get really sick (chronic) and it will be quite difficult to find the reason for this illness. This provokes red blood cells haemolysis, in other words, it breaks red blood cells up causing anaemia and the weakening of our pet. If it strikes in an acute manner, we can see petechiae (small hemorrhagic spots) on their gums.

We need to be careful not to leave any onions laying around at the reach of puppies, both for playing as well as for eating.


Using these type of decoration baskets might prove to be a danger for our dogs. The puppy can play with the onion and eat it.

2. CHOCOLATE: Cacao attacks their liver acting like a toxin when its pure. Once they have ingested it, there is no antidote. We can only reinforce their liver, but even this can prove to be futile. If our dog ingests cacao accidentally, it should be taken to the veterinary immediately before waiting for any symptoms.


Whenever we leave chocolate candy on a table, our untrained puppy can be tempted and eat some. The more pure the Chocolate is, the more danger it poses for our dog.