Lesson 9ª








First nights

When the puppy arrives, it is so small it can sleep almost anywhere. However, we need to be aware that many dogs get to weight up to 30 kg in a few months. If the dog will be sleeping alone, it is advisable to be left alone from the first night. If its used to sleeping with its mother and siblings, it will feel more protected if we place a bag with warm water wrapped around something of ours (an old shirt maybe), and a soft clock. With this, we simulate the body heat and heart beats of its mother.

If the puppy is used to sleeping alone, a warm place and a piece of clothing (which smells of us) is all we need.



If the puppy gets used to its own bed (or anything in which they feel comfortable), it will be better since they could sleep anywhere as long as we take their bed.

If it protests or barks at us, the best thing is not to come to them. If we are going to scold it, we need to make sure the puppy knows it is a scolding. THis can be quite difficult at a younger age. We usually make the mistake of going to them as the protest/bark and this becomes a game for them; the puppy barks and its owner comes. We will only encourage them to continue with this behaviour and increasing it as well.

If we want our puppy to sleep in the garden or backyard; if its a puppy and we are in winter, it is advisable for us to wait for it to be less cold. This will depend on our facilities, of course. We can get the puppy to get used to sleeping in a bed, which we can later carry outside without this being such a drastic change.


This pet house with a side door is accommodated for a puppy. It is also located in an indoors garden.

We need to take into consideration any abrupt weather changes. If the puppy is in a heated room, we can't change it to a cold area. This might provoke respiratory problems in the puppy making it ill. Being ill, its vaccines will be delayed endangering it even more by exposing it to future diseases.


THis type of pet house usually doesn't work well for puppies since they are cold. They should also have a door at one side rather than the middle. They usually choose a porch or the entrance of the house to sleep outside. .