Lesson 10ª








A geriatric cat

Throughout history, talking about a 14 year old cat was unheard of. This has changed because cats have ceased to be those animals which used to live in a barn and would eat whatever they hunted. Moreover, as their abilities began to diminish, so did their possibilities of a long life.

A cat become geriatric after it becomes 7 years old. We will notice that its abilities are not the same as they were when they were younger. It will spend more time sleeping leading to overweight. It will loose interest and curiosity on its surroundings mainly due to the fact that its sight and hearing have deteriorated.

In this state, they run a higher risk of suffering from renal diseases. Consequently, we need to pay close attention looking for days in which they don't urinate or even keep an eye out for pink coloured urine. Their fur will also look dull or faded, it will even show some hair silvering.


1. its food, we need to feed it with the right type of food according to its age. There are plenty of brands in the market which are perfect for this.

2. its race, common cats usually have a longer life because pure races usually carry more inherited diseases.

3. obesity, obese cats have several health complications.

4. habits, a castrated male, for example, is usually more clam and it stays inside the house most of the time. This reduces the risk of accidents or encounters with other males.