Lesson 11ª









After they reach 3 weeks old, we will notice their teeth are just tiny peaks which will finish coming out as they become 2 months old.

The cat in this picture only has its fangs out.

There are 26 Milk teeth in total.

After they become 3 months old, they will change their milk teeth for those it will keep for the rest of its life. In the majority of cases, this transition is not noticed by their owners. The change completes as they become 6 months old. The final teeth count is of 30 pieces.

The state of their teeth is extremely important for our cat. We have already mentioned the highly developed sense of taste they posses. It they have plaque in their teeth, they will identify the bad taste with their food and not with their mouth. As a result, they will stop eating, which will worsen their physical state and give way for a possible secondary infection.

If the diet of our cat consists of dry cat food, it will clean its teeth in each bite. However, if we feed it with home made food or moist canned food, we need to watch out for their mouth hygiene. There are some teeth brushes designed for cats in the market along with specific a tooth paste. However, we will rarely need to brush their teeth. We should try to give them product which help their teeth hygiene disguised as rewards.

If their teeth have plaque, it is better if we take them to the veterinary clinic for a thorough dental cleaning.