Lesson 29 ª








Preventing gastric problems due to hair balls.

We mentioned what could happen if there is a fur ball mixed with faeces stuck in their intestines (not a pretty thought, right?), so it is better if we avoid this problem altogether.

To prevent this, we need to observe the behaviour of our cat to know when we should watch out for this problem. It is advisable to notice if the Cat food we give it has enough fibre in it.

There are many products in the market which help ease the flow in their intestines. Malt oil is the most common and it is the one cats like the most.

This is an example of those found in the market today. We should try to use the one our cat likes the most.

There are 2 methods of using it:

1. we apply it directly in its mouth, which due to the behaviour in most cats would prove to be quite difficult.

2. we can use the grooming of cats to apply malt oil on its front leg. Our cat will clean the area itself, ingesting it in the process.

In this example, we have applied the oil in 2 areas on the same leg.

As soon as we applied it, the cat started to groom itself ingesting the oil in the process.