Lesson 39 ª









Continuing with the previous lesson, once copulation takes place, female cats begin their period of Pregnancy. From this point forwards, it will take 2 months for Labour, between 56 and 64 days.

This female cat is in its last third of pregnancy. We can clearly see this. Its breasts will also have developed, but we won't notice them until the final stages of Pregnancy.

To know if a cat is pregnant, an experienced veterinary can feel its embryonic vesicle (carefully so we don't harm its fetuses). This practice is not completely accurate and can sometimes lead to confusion.

The best thing to do is to perform an echo, which will give us exact information on the pregnancy and the state of the fetuses.

It is advisable to perform the echo 30 after copulation because up to this moment, it is possible for the fetuses to be reabsorbed interrupting the pregnancy due to hormone complications. Then, we can confirm the Pregnancy is following its correct path and that the hearts of the fetuses are working as they should; beating at a fast speed.

This is the screen of the echo, which will be interpreted by the veterinary. In it, we can see the cardiac rate of the fetuses.

On the days before the expected labour date, it is a good idea to repeat the echo; to listen and measure the cardiac frequency of the fetuses and to check that everything is going well.