Lesson 34º








Customer Relationship Management

According to Price Waterhouse Coopers CRM is "a combination of strategic changes, organized processes to try to improave business management. around the behaviour of its clients. This implies the aquisition and development of knowledge of our clients to use this information in the points of contact, thus obtaining greater income and operative efficienty".

Strategic CRM try to take the company to the client, considering the client as its objective and the clients satisfaction as the road to success. To achieve a greater client attention a company needs to have a lot of information about the client available, and thus use this personalization every time the company has contact with the client.

Indistinctly, if the company calls the client or goes to the clients office or communicates on the Internet, the system should recognize it and give the client a personalized treatment. The same way that the different employees that enter into contact with the client have the necessary information about the client at hand.

Different tools or CRM solutions try to improve the technology and the company control.