Lesson 16ª








Declawing/Onychectomy and tendonectomy

If our cat is used to scratching around the house for dominance, or due to its aggressiveness, it has scratched a memeber of the family, after it has reached a certain age (after it is 6 months old, its character will be well defined), there is but one solution for its owners not to give it away; it needs to be declawed.

This surgery (Onychectomy) shouldn't be confused with trimming their nails short. Their nails are extracted from their root together with the end bone (distal phalanx) fro which they won't be able to grow again. Obviously, this procedure should be carried out by a veterinary doctor and the animal needs to be anesthesized.

When our cat comes our of this surgery, it will need our help and attention for around 10 from keeping it from removing the bandages. We also need to take it to the clinic for follow up checking.

Another technique which can be used is known as tendonectomy. It consists in cutting the flexor tendon which allows them to bring their claws out. In this technique, the post-operation cares consist in watching over the stitches. These will be removed after 10 days.

Either choice we make, we need to be aware that our cat will no longer be able to be part of its own species since we have removed its hunting a defence most important tool.

In these cases, castration is also recommended for male cats not to leave the house when in heat. Its encounters with other males might prove to be quite dangerous.