Lesson 19ª








Their bed

When a cat arrives at our home for the first time, there are some things we need to teach it. One of these things is their bed. Their bed needs to be in an independent area of the house which is away from other ambient noises; a place where it isn't bothered. Cats love the sun; they seek heat. Thus, their bed needs to be in a warm area in the house.

We need to accommodate our cat inside the house in the manner it would outdoors; always looking for the sun. It is advisable for their bed to have a washable cover.

In those cases in which we notice that our cat has the tendency to become easily bored, such as scratching areas which are not suitable for territory marking, we should place their bed in an area close to a window or in an area which would entertain it.

When they go outside, we will notice they have the tendency to lie around high spots. Consider this point as you place their bed as well.

Notice what they like to do once they are outside the house.

Beds made out of wicker can be easily broken by their playing, harming themselves with splinters. We need to be careful with these type of things.