Lesson 20 ª









As we mentioned previously, a cat is a very curious animal and it has an enhanced hunter's instinct. If we want it to be balanced, we need to help maintain these characteristics. To do this, we can stimulate it at home by using games. Thus, it is advisable for them to have toys from an early age.

Their toys should be active. They will bring us closer together with our pet if we spend some time playing with them and stimulating them. With this we prevent our cat from falling into a sedentary state or obesity.

This way, we will avoid having a bored cat at home. A bored cat will probably mark our furniture with its claws for simple entertainment.

There are plenty of toys for cats in the market, but if we pay close attention, there will be "things" they will try to "hunt" and play with around the house. If it is something we allow, they will be thrilled.

Be careful not to let them play with the broom. We might not be able to sweep the house as we used to.