Lesson 21 ª








Where they urinate and defecate

If a cat is not ill, we would never see their urine or faeces under normal circumstances (we will later learn the difference between normal urine and urine to mark territory). Quite often, it is thought that this is due to the fact that they are extremely clean animals. Actually, it is due to prudence or in a better way, due to survival. They only leave traces of themselves in their territory and when marking it.

In this case, the animal is suffering from gastroenteritis. We can see from its faeces it is clearly sick.

Every time they urinate or defecate, they bury it.

Bearing this in mind, if our cat is allowed to go outside to the garden (or to the street), it will find places to bury it. However, if it is locked inside a house, we need to have a prepared sand-box for it to "go" and then bury it.


There are several brands of sand in the market. There are some which absorb the bad smells and others which change their colour whenever our cat has a renal problem.

This sand-box should be far away from the place in which we have located its bed.

This cat scratches the floor after urinating in the sand box. It hasn't lost this instinct but it has been altered due to living with man.